How I actually can’t write a good self-presentation

Sooo… yeah, an uninteresting title isn’t the best way to start an article but, since this is going to be the presentation of the site and myself I don’t want to give to the reader any false expectations, I preferred to keep it this way: it’s a bit less “artificial”, it doesn’t put me on a higher level to the reader (or at least that’s what I think).

I’m an average italian guy with some blue bangs here and there struggling to write in a decent and understandable English, I’m currently twenty and I’m studying Japanese Studies at the University of Venice. I have some many interest that I eventually lost count of them, the main are reading literature from all over the world, writing “things” (essays, poetry, short stories or pretty much anything that crosses my mind… I don’t know how to describe all of them with one word), trying to understand as many aspects of the Japanese culture as possible and to link them to my personal experience and way of feeling things, listening to Japanese music (especially Visual Kei) and trying to figure out what the hell they are talking about ( and that’s no easy task).

The site is going to be a messy page where I’m going to write pretty much everything I want (at the beginning is going to be mainly Japanese songs’ translations), hopefully I’ll be able to create a clean and easy-to-understand way to find things scattered around my blog (see how I used specific terms referring to some function of the blog there? That’s how much I’m an expert of this things). If you have a basic “Japanese-a language you can understand” translator you will find out that “Zuihitsu” means “Miscellaneous writings”, but since I’m a classy little bitch I also know that it has also the more literal meaning of “to let the painting brush flow” (which is a cooler way to say  “to write anything without the need of approval by anyone else”). That’s the term that Japanese hipster literate men of 1300 used to describe their writings after they had sad “So, since the world is shit and it will eventually get more shittier, I guess I’ll just go to live in an abandoned place, within the nature, waiting for my hour to come and letting my painting brush flow” and set toward a far off mountain knowing that they will be remembered as かっこいい and hipster af.

Sorry for the rough presentation but that’s pretty much everything I wanted to say, I guess I could just say as excuse the fact that, since the main focus of the blog is the “flow of writings”,  the initial presentation is just the starting point so it’s not that important… but I won’t do such a thing.


10 thoughts on “How I actually can’t write a good self-presentation

    1. Thank you! I “officially” haven’t set up anything for requests yet since it’s something I would like to do when I’ll have some more free time and I think it would be quite annoying to the people to wait ages for a translation. But, if you want me to translate something for you, just tell me right here: I’ll try to do it as soon as possible.


      1. Thanks for the quick reply!, Here is the song, and here are the lyrics:

        I have been a fan of this band ever since i heard their song as an opening in the anime ping pong the animation, They are not very popular in the west (or even japan i guess) so there is like only 3 songs translated, so that sucks, But thank you so much in advance for translating :).


    1. Sorry for the extremely late response: while being in Japan I couldn’t open the link. I already planned to translate this song so it’ll be up in a few days.


  1. Ciao Zuihitsu,
    sono italiana anch’io e sinceramente sto impazzendo nel cercare una decente traduzione del testo “Aishiteru to itte yo” e svariati blog danno traduzioni totalmente differenti tra loro… non so più a chi affidarmi T_T riusciresti a rispondermi se potrei fidarmi almeno della tua traduzione? E un’ultima domanda: aprirai mai una sezione in cui ci sono i testi delle canzoni tradotti in italiano?


    1. Ciao Dante,
      capisco la sofferenza nella tua ricerca: in passato anche io ero solito annegare nel mare delle traduzioni approssimative. Proprio per questo, cerco di rendere le mie traduzioni il più comprensibili e corrette possibile nei confronti del significato dei testi: hai la mia parola.
      Tradurre in italiano è un qualcosa che ho fatto in passato ma, visto che il pubblico è molto minore rispetto a quello che ho in questo momento, è un qualcosa che non prevedo di fare al momento: le mie traduzioni sono a disposizione di chiunque e chiunque può tradurle nella propria lingua e la lingua inglese è quella che si meglio adatta a questo scopo in quanto universale.


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