DADAROMA – ルシッド ドリーム(Lucid Dream) Translation



Title: Lucid Dream

Like an endless night* where we dance languidly

this era and its words clasp my neck.

The childish dream to which can not return

The childish dream to which can not return

The dreams and the vision that made me burn with passione are…

Quietly, quietly, quietly kill me,

put an end to me.

But now, embracing my flickering hope

I’ll fall.

The motivation replicated** in my right hand

is like the night in which you sadly meet my eyes.

This morning I opened my eyes and it was all grey,

even the red sofa in the room I got used to see was grey.

And then I realized that the dream had ended,

I was just holding a roll of bills in my right hand.

Quietly, quietly, quietly kill me

before a new day comes.

Ah, I would like to hold onto those peaceful days

and just fall asleep in this place.

The childish dream to which can not return

The childish dream to which can not return


After hurting you, what will be the next dream now?

Even love, even my voice,

everyone, just disappear already!

Ah, in the starry sky, the me I imagined,

that song and that promise…

Notes and explanation

Words in italic are in English in the original lyrics.

*=the word used actually means “white night”, a common phenomenon in the arctic and antartic areas in which the sun doesn’t rise for months. In these kind of songs it often used as an image to describe an endless night, meaning a desperate situation that doesn’t seem to have and end.

**= this word particularly emphasizes that the object is something somewhat fake or replicated.

The song is about the lost of hope in a way that reality seems like an illusion: when the artist was young he used to have a dream, but now it seems that he lives in such a dream while being partially awaken (or simply: lucid dreaming). When will the dream end? How will it end? Nobody knows, but everything looks already too much grey.

I really liked the idea that when the artist was dreaming as young boy he kept his ideal in his hands, but when he awakens in the same hand there’s just a pack of bills, as if ideals as well are destined to become something futile as money. The right hand also is a simbol for Buddhist Enlightment.

I think that’s all for now, don’t get too sad. Bye!

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