Vistlip – Rem Sleep Translation



Here’s the darkness of the dream,

I ring the bell and check-in,

every time I lost my way, the communication was cut off.

As I seem to start to walk, I regain consciousness,

In the letter written in the past there wasn’t any mistake?

I tear off the page and stamp it, I tear off the page and it comes back as before

While stumbling, “I” write the address.

Struggling to breathe, my eyes are wide open and I’m having a seizure.

Now, I’m born again, it’s time to meet you

As I try to grasp them, my hands won’t reach the stars

I point at the globe and I choose the destination.

No matter what, I want to meet you

I want to read with you the dream in which I wrote “In order not to forget you”.

You keep using your heart as a shield, but when one day someone will gratify* it, it will seep from the cracks.

Every time I think about you, my scars hurt, but I will seal it up with some tape and I’ll be fine if it’ll explode.

If it’s such a dream, I want to keep sleeping.

The me who sinks and re-emerge, like an ECG in an a waving motion stands up and lives.

Now, I’m born again, it’s time to wake up

As I try to grasp them, my hands won’t reach the stars

I point at the globe and I choose the destination.

No matter what, I want to meet you

Because I want to cross with you the reality frozen in the “I don’t want to see anything”.

If you keep on relying on medicines, one day, when one someone will make wake you up, you won’t answer.

From the iron sky spikes fall but, I’ll be fine if we keep protecting each other every time we get stabbed.

If it’s this kind of dream, I want to keep sleeping.

The me, who outright rises up, like an ECG lives with a annoying sound

And continues to live in a dream.

Notes and others

*= the lyrics here play with the many meanings of this verb: it can mean “to fulfill/satisfy/gratify” but also “to fill up something”. The image conveyed here is that hearts used as shield will be stabbed and therefore, once full of love/gratitude (and so, gratified/satisfied), won’t be able to hold it as it will seep out of the cracks.

Again, thank god I embarked in this big re-styling of my old works: there were some pretty horrible mistakes.

So, to put it simply, the song is all about loving someone even outside one’s dream, even if the reality is much harsher than our sweet dreams. In fact, while in happy dreams there’s no danger of death or real hurt, such doesn’t translate in the real world. Even so, the main character expresses his/her will to meet the loved person and stay by his/her sides, sharing highs and lows (that’s the ECG reference, also used to monitor one’s quality of sleep during some kind of exams). In the first part of the song, the main character is described as he/she’s struggling to write a letter to the loved person in what seems to be some kind of dream: he tears the page, but it then comes back and finally, after much hesitation, he puts the address.

I kinda realized it now, but Vistlip writing style has really become a feature of the “Neo-Visual-Kei of the past”: a lot of artists who started around the same time as Vistlip used to choose a general topic and then write lyrics trying to use as many images tied to the topic. For example, this song is basically about the desire to meet with someone and share happiness and sorrow with them, and the theme is “dream/sleeping”: the high and lows then becomes the ECG waves, and also the ideal world of happiness is the dream, while the painful world is reality (and so on). The final lyrics might be a bit forced and convoluted, but the title works as the key to kinda decrypt the message of the song.

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