10 posts after: some update

I don’t know why I’m writing such a post, probably I got cocky just as I saw the stats of the blog, but that’s not what matters.

What matters is that when I started this blog I wasn’t even sure I could translate songs from Japanese but, as you can see, I managed to. And along with this knowledge, I realized that my main goal while translating those songs is to convey their feelings: I want people who listen to those songs to have goosebumps just as I do, in such a way I think that Visual Kei may be seen as a “global experience” and not just as “some freaky thing from Japan”. Probably got too much idealistic there, but I’m not going to erase that sentence.

In short words, whoever you are, please read my translation, enjoy it, leave a like, a comment or anything, but please, please, don’t tell me that those words and those melodies left you nothing: let me know that my words can still convey the magic of the ones in Japanese.

I’m still here…




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