Dadaroma – 最終電車 (Saishuu Densha) Translation




Ah, a gently lighted, indelibly stained white wall,

a feverish warmth fills the small room.

Ah, your hips shakes, our eyes met,

and from the shaking bed our scattered hearts overflow.


I’m writing (remembering) absent-mindedly: as if we wanted to leave behind

the everyday stories and the distance between us, we entangle in a kiss

which, until I’m invited to enter your bedroom,

for some reason, doesn’t stop.


Ah, you swallow the moon and laugh,

as if you obscured even the light of tomorrow.

Ah, but then, with all of your heart,

you start to gently stroke my pistil.


Alone, in this wavering train

I’m still not sweating.

Your wet hair surround your neck

and sweet words wrap me.


Ah, I let my hand turn on your shoulders,

one day even my heart won’t feel any more this warmth.

Ah, but even so, with all my heart,

it seems that I can only imagine the you of that day, my love.


In the night the trains wavers

trough the ordinary city which flows (outside).

I think to this fleetingly dream that passed away

in the train which melts into the night.


I keep on repeating loving words over ad over,

but even so nothing of that will come back.

In order to meet again,  I could conceal my loneliness,

but even so the both of us won’t have any place to return to…


Notes and Other

Sex is great.

And if you have a great time while having sex, it helps to relieve the stress and the emotional pain. Now, imagine you are all alone on a train at night after a really bad day, wouldn’t be great if someone came to offer you some casual sex just to help each other to forget that awful day? That’s what the song is all about.

There’s a bitter conclusion though: since it’s all just fantasies, the two of them have no place to meet one more time…



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