Dadaroma – 最終電車 (Saishuu Densha) Translation

WARNING: this song may contain content not suitable for underage users. Viewers discretion is advised.



Ah, dimmed lights, stained walls,

a feverish warmth fills the small room.

Ah, my hips are swinging, our eyes swiftly meet,

and from the shaking bed our scattered hearts overflow.

Almost absent-minded, I  remember, the gossip

and the kiss which entangled us closing the distance between us

the moments before I was invited by you from the door of your bedroom

are empty and are not more than a mere sequence of events…

Ah, you swallow the moon and smile,

as if you obscured even the light of tomorrow.

Ah, but then, to its heart,

you start to gently stroke my wet pistil*.

Alone, in this wavering train

the sweat hasn’t gone yet.

Your wet hair sticked to your neck

and your sweet words won’t make me escape**.

Ah, my hand turns on your shoulders,

one day we won’t feel our emotions nor our warmth…

Ah, but even so, even my heart

looks like it will love the you of that day all alone

In the night the trains wavers

flowing through the townscape.

This fleeting and vanished dream passes fast

and the train melts into the night.

It keeps happening to me, but love words

won’t reach none of us already.

We could distract from our loniless by doubling checking on this

in fact, both of us don’t have any place to return to***…

Notes and Other

*= in case you haven’t noticed, here he’s clearly referring to his penis.

**= the word here has the more specific meaning of “holding something firmly between something” (including pinching something or holding something between chopsticks), but the implication is that she is not letting him escape.

***= usually, the image of the last train is used to indicate an activity that continues and a very late hour, forcing the characters to take the last train of the night, with the risk of not being able to go back home: if you lose this train, it will take hours before the first train of the morning. Basically, they fucked for a very long time and they lost the last train, so he’s basically inviting her to fuck again since they don’t have anything better to do.

Basically, it’s a song about choosing sex until the morning (of course, just for fun) instead of going back home and feeling lonely on the last train while remembering the past few hours of passion.

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