9Goats Black Out – You Translation


In this confusion, you leave behind the superficial friendship

hidden in the gap between us who are starting to disappear.


While you keep crying, to wish that one day

our hearts will be entwined is premature.

But it has the same feeling as we were clearing the apathy between us, hasn’t it?

The curtains rise and what comes down is my personality.


And a love song wrapped in sadness echoes like a musical instrument.


Between the screams, the emotion that I can hear is

even superior to my imagination but my answer has no meaning at all.

One day, I’ll try my best to follow the thread of reason

but something like a place to return to will be already invisible.


Cherry flowers and Spring scatter, and with no doubt the days

and the Winter nights on our backs consume our faces…

how many years have already passed? I wish I could sing a song about this

but I can’t even see the tomorrow,

so let’s just make the moon fall down, as if tonight was our last night.


In the wind of the night petals dance, the trees sway

and in the blue sky now I recognise the melancholy.

I would like to remember until what moment it was there,

but even so I can’t see the tomorrow,

so let’s make the snow fall in the middle of the night

while I say that tonight it’s not our last night.


Notes and Other

I happened to listen again to this song and the album “Calling” (which is, just so you know, the first japanese album I bought) and I decided to try to translate every song of that album: it will take a bit, there won’t be any romaji for now since I hate writing it, and it won’t be easy but I’ll do it anyway.

This is obviously a love song, but the main character in here is so melancholic that he can’t even imagine the future with his/her beloved and just wish time to pass by without him/her noticing it.


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