R-指定 (R-Shitei) ーラストレイン (Rasuto Rein) Translation



Title: Last Rain/Last Train*


A non-stop early summer rain falls down,

and the month of June that came

quickly passes by without waiting for the season to end.


You and me, just like that day,

being swallowed by last train,

with an end like an happy ending of a film

let’s say our goodbye.


You, who used to hate crowds,

hide your face with your red umbrella…

Even though I feel like I want to talk with you,**

I’m scared and I can’t really laugh.


I tried to keep under control my insomnia,

the lyrics I scribbled are of some comfort for my soul?

I link dot to lines***,

and the melody on whom I put and sing on that knocks on the window.


Since I have to go home with the Yamanote line****,

I’ll travel with you until the express for Oda****,

even tonight there’s this hateful rain.

Under the same umbrella, in the night tainted of the same colour (of the umbrella),

I wish we were hugging.


Rapsody in blue*****,

we look like a couple during a perfect date, don’t you think?

You, who look kinda adult, are more adult than me

so you say a kind lie: “See you again”…


Memories piled up, the east exit of Shinjuku stop****,  a crowd of people,

an azalea flower-pattern umbrella sprouts with shimmering colours, isn’t it beautiful?


Even though I look for someone who looked like you,

as if the cold rain chose me,

every single drop, icily, resounds like an instrument.

With my solitary Fender, I want to write in detail

of this love which I can’t let go of.


You and me, just like that day,

being swallowed by last train,

with an end like an happy ending of a film,

when we waved our hands it was already the end.

A rain of spilled tears falls…


Your goodbye taught me

what is really important…


Notes and Other

*=The title is a pun: it says “last rain” but sounds like “last train”.

**=I feel like it’s not clear in English: the main character wants to tell to the partner that he wants to end the relationship.

***=It refers to “writing musical notes” (because the musical notes are dots with a line) but also to “go from a train station to another” (because in Japan train stations are referred with “dot” and the railways that connect them are called “lines”): extremely clever lyric trick.

****=All of these are real name of train station or trains.

*****=Rapsody in Blue is a famous song in which many different genres are mixed together creating a very harmonious symphony: I’m not sure but it may be a paragon with the date of which the song talks about (like they are so different but they work so good together).

Sorry for all of those notes, apart from them the song is pretty simple: it’s about a boy who doesn’t manage to break up with his partner with words, but eventually their goodbye becomes their last goodbye.

I love how the lyrics play with the images of trains and rain, the way it is described makes it look so real. Moreover the images of “the last train” and “rain” in Japanese culture have so much meaning behind, making the song a feels trap for a Japanese.




己龍 (Kiryu) ー 暁歌水月(Gyouka Suigetsu) Translation



Title: A song whose beauty cannot be conveyed by words*


On the edge unwillingly, without being completely aware of it, I let go of your hand

and a rain of the colour of the tears of when I think of our linked hands flowing flows.


Our farewell gift will be the fragment of my cut and torn self

and the pain that will remain here.


Until our life wither away, we will …. dreams**

come on, let’s sing it together.

…. our screaming voice**

and our hearts, while weeping scattered sighs, will say the words.***

On the lightly tainted day of farewell,

let’s wave our hands goodbye with a smile.

Reality will slumber and become void

in a transparent twilight.


But even now I can’t understand that “something” which keeps on burning me and turning me into smoke,

I just keep walking

following the path of dreams.


I keep feeding myself with the pain and the sadness which twist my voice…


Because the silence that gets closer and closer is scary.


Until our life wither away, we will …. dreams**

come on, let’s sing it together.

…. our screaming voice**

and our hearts, while weeping scattered sighs, will say the words.***

On the lightly tainted day of farewell,

let’s wave our hands goodbye with a smile.

Reality will slumber and become void

in a transparent twilight.


And while we dream within a dream, the horizon turns hazy…


Notes and others

*=The title is a pun on the expression 暁花水月 (read in the same way as the title) which is literally “flowers reflected on the image of the moon reflected on the water” indicating the concept of  “a beauty that cannot be conveyed by words”. In the title of the song instead of 花 (“flowers”) there’s 歌(“song”): I tried to combine the pun and the meaning in the title I chose.

**=since this is a song to thank the fans (so a “must” song during the live) the lines are left with no verb so that everyone can say whatever they prefer while song is performed: I find this thing extremely genial.

***=The expression for “words” here doesn’t refer to “common words” but to “the words of classical Japanese poetry”. They were seen as unique since they were used to talk about one’s own feeling with honesty and elegance (and actually with a lot of other things).

This song is all about the concept of farewell, that’s why the band usually uses it to close their live performance.

While translating this song, I really felt the lack of words to convey the real beauty of this song: there’s just so much behind each and everyone of these words that I could spend lines and lines to explain everything and I still wouldn’t be able to completely clarify their meaning… I did my best anyway.

There are many reference to Buddhism, starting from the video itself which is a Buddhist funeral, and the expressions “reality will slumber and become void” and “dream within a dream” which are famous concepts in Buddhist thinking.

R-指定 (R-Shitei) ー 病ンデル彼女 (Yanderu Kanojo) Translation



Title: Sick Girl


That girl is cutting her wrist even today.

The girl says “Where is the worth of my existence?”

That girl is cutting her wrist even today

with her sharp look.


The bandage wrapped around her left hand

looks like it’s hanging and it’s barely visible.

The bandage wrapped around her left hand

is mourning about something.


It looks like that girl is absent today too.

Classmate A says “Could it be that Sachiusoko* is dead? Ahah”

It looks like that girl is absent today too.

because of those sharp words.


It’s not her who turned spontaneously in the garbage of society,

it’s the society that has thrown that girl away.

It’s not her who turned spontaneously in the trash of society,

it’s the world that’s going mad.


The quantity of of that non-stop piercing pain

is a lethal dose, an overdose,

a future of comatose state awaits, it can’t be helped any more.


The inside of your brain on which tranquillizers don’t work

makes those delicate and emotionless looks of yours.

I love this side of you

and you will lose your mental equilibrium and your soul will crumble

but I will do anything to cure you.

The sick girl who ran into the unreality,

tainted in deep red, she said

“I want to die”


That girl was always holding onto her arms.

I said “Are bunnies friends of her?”**

That girl was always holding onto her arms.

The dark past won’t vanish.


In this world which goes on no matter what,

she cried because of the pain and the sadness.

This world which goes on no matter what

looked like an illusion.


Even though she walks on the railways to make the others worried,

in the end she’s not for real,

she has just had enough of the lie of the soon incoming “freedom”. ***


And even the day in which she will final decide that she wants to die

because of her inferiority complex,

when she will follow and cut open the cutting line

and look down to a side,

she will see how worthless is the world.


The inside of your brain on which tranquillizers don’t work

makes those delicate and emotionless looks of yours.

I love this side of you

and you will lose your mental equilibrium and your soul will crumble

but I will do anything to cure you.

Running into unreality, tainted in deep red…


The sick girl

The mental ill girl

The sick girl

The mental ill girl said

“Let’s live”.


Notes and other

*=Sachiusoko is a nickname to mock the girl of the song. It’s a pun between “Sachiko” (a common name for a girl which literally means “lucky/happy girl”) and “uso” (“lie” in japanese): the result is something like “the girl whose luck/happyness is just a lie”. A pretty childish pun.

**=I don’t really get what they are trying to say with this phrase. Maybe she’s just friend with bunnies because she’s too shy to be friend with people. Maybe it’s some slang or saying popular between young people. I still don’t know.

***=this line is actually like the girl herself spoke but since I used 3rd person for the whole song I preferred to leave it that way.

The song talks about the suffering of a school girl who is bullied (bullying in schools is a very serious problem in Japan). I prefer to stop with explanation here in order not to spoil you the song.

10 post after: just some random news

I kind like this thing, mainly because in these posts I can swear how much the fuck I want without ruining the goddamn atmosphere of those fucking beautiful translation I post on this piece of shit blog. Sorry, I got a bit too carried away.

Let’s just forget about those lines above and begin with the random news nobody cares about.

Remember when in this post I said I was going to translate the whole album? Well, it looks like I lied, because I can’t figure out what some of the songs want to convey: I’m going to post some of them even though I see not many people reading them (and because I feel edgy as fuck when I manage to fully translate something).

Other news: it’s examination period for me, so until June 3rd my post may be fewer than usual (and they are already few, I know, I know). After that day I may organize the blog in some practical section (you’ll see).

And now on to the hateful news.

I recently surfed the net just for fun to see if other people translated the same songs I translated (and how they did): it turned to be extremely not funny, mainly because of spanish translation. I’m sorry Spanish native speakers, but those translation are extremely fucked up, in a way that I couldn’t even imagine to be possible ( and I’m not talking about one or two songs, but all spanish translation I saw): next time just ask to me, please.

Thank god I also found very good english translations, maybe one day I’m going to talk about them.

Final random and hateful topic: Eurovision. What’s hateful about Eurovision? Pretty much nothing (I find the final chart extremely satisfying according to my musical tastes) except for the German singer. “But she’s just spreading the love for Japanese culture in Europe”, no, don’t you even come to me with that sentence. Japan is not just wearing a kimono with some striped stockings and an abortion between some horns and other things on your head (don’t tell me it’s cute, don’t even tell me that’s Harajuku fashion because we both know it’s not true), just like Italy is not pizza, bad politics and mafia. The song wasn’t so bad (even though compared to all the others was just plain), but, as a student of Japanese culture and language, I found the rest extremely offensive. In the end, Germany got last place: that’s because Europe did not understand the image she wanted to convey, people should think about this. Despite all my rage, I just pity the singer, who is still too young, both musically and lyrically speaking.

That’s it, I’m sure nobody got until this point, so I’ll just finish with this anti-climatic sentence.

umbrella – 軽薄ナヒト (Keihakuna hito) Translation



Title: Superficial Person


I keep ignoring the bus’ itinerary to come to love you* and the message.

I check my answering machine for yesterday, were you sick? I’m on a night highway of bloodthirst.


I would like to be able to call my self a machine which says things like “I love you” or something, but I really don’t feel like it.

I don’t want to do such things as if I wanted to be sure of something, and so I take off my ring.


I’m not there, and that’s your fault.

I just want to swallow some of that exciting, sour and sweet honey.

I want to see if this is reality or not,

even though sometimes I see you smiling in my head.


During that late dinner I look at your neck, because of those signs of your messy love life I finally understand.

I swallow that shocking answer with some water and we decide to keep that dinner for another day.


Over the bed our moans fly and dance, the light slowly fades,

and from now on I look down and see a face that fakes a laughs.


I wish I felt ashamed, how could I stoop so low?

Just liking all of my scars.

What do I want to see? This is the true reality,

even though you, who welcomed me, keep on faking your laughs.


I’m hurt.

Surely it’s your fault.

That sweet smell is wrapped in a lethal dose of love.


And then…


My head hurts.

Let’s just end it like this.

Both you and you won’t wait for me anyway.


Do I want to love you?


These are superficial lonely days.


Notes and Other

*= The words here sound like “come to meet you”, but instead of the verb “to meet” the artist put the word “love”, I tried to solve that in the translation so sorry if it sound a bit sketchy.

There are two different “you” in the lyrics, I tried to highlight that by writing one of the two in italic and the other in a normal font: the one in the normal font is the one that wants the main character of the song to get more serious about their love (the one that in the video is home alone), the one in italic is the one with whom the main character cheats his lover (the other girl in the video).

Roughly, it’s a story of a man who can’t decide between a woman who wants him to be loyal forever but it’s a bit to smothering, and a woman who doesn’t ask him any of that but isn’t loyal towards him (the shocking answer that is told in the song is the fact that she dates other men other than him).

Dadaroma – 螺子 (Neji) Translation



Title: Clock’s screw


The morning glow taints the sky in orange

but I still haven’t slept.

I have no love

for that naked thing close to me.


As if want to bury the screw that fell off, I can’t help drown in the night,

but a new day already began and, since it’s so bright, I close my eyes.


The regret of the “past” that you

left inside of me won’t vanish.

I can’t even paint over it

and it repeats even today on someone else.


I became an adult, and when I stood in front of you,

even if you didn’t say anything,

I always felt ashamed of my naive love.

I don’t want to write such thing like

why is it over or why are you leaving,

but you answered to my questions without facing me.


The “I’m sorry” that you

left inside of me it’s still brightly visible,

and I, who still can’t sleep,

make it repeat itself one someone tonight too.


The rain pours in from that window decorated with flowers,

it did that day, and even today, even today…


Notes and Other

The song’s title wants to convey the meaning of something which never ends, just like clock’s screws keep on rotating without falling off. In the same way, the main character of the song can’t help not to feel any attraction for the women he sleeps with, since that day someone brutally left him in the same way.

That’s an interesting work by Dadaroma, something different from their usual, and the result was quite good being the first time… looking forward to their next works.

Plastic Tree – 落花 (Rakka) Translation and Romaji



Title: Rakka

Kūkyokan tekisetsu nano sore uta ni shitemiteruno kore

saihate ni tadoritsuita yōna guradēshon ima yoake

Nanzenkai konna kanji dakke? Jikokeihatsu sura shōshi

demo kyō wa iya kyō mo nandakedo mata asu mo ko no mama de


Me no mai ni sentakushi ga atte shirishokuna kanjō de erande

tadashiku mo machigaette mo nakute sugiteku no hibi


Muge ni saite wa chiriochishi hana kaze wa doko ni kokoro sarau no?

Wasurekataki to kioku o ōeba azayakana sama boku dake ga sukeru


Futo kidzuku to ni, sanbun, neteta zureteru byōshin susumu

Uwa no sora sonzai nakunatte kieteku kankaku wakaru?


Ketsumatsu o wasureteku ronri unmei mo jikohihan mo jōka

hitsuyō ka fuhitsuyō janaika toikakete hibi


Ware o wasureshi kiseki tsuka no ma kaze ni koto no ha sawaide yamanu

Ureshikanashiki tomedonaki kana nigiyakana mama yume no yau ni tojiru


Naa dareka itsumademo soba ni ite wa kuremaika

Zen sureba kono yōna gukō datte imi o motsu

Nee dōzo suki katte ni odottettekudasai na

mō dakedo jikangire anten garandō


Muge ni saite wa chiriochishi hana kaze wa doko ni kokoro sarau no?

Wasurekataki to kioku o ōeba azayakanaredo anata wa donata?

Yue ni furenu e sora to shireba sayonara itsuka

sekai eto ochiru



Title: Falling Flowers


I’m trying to make this feeling of void into this song

and it’s like I’ve finally reached the last gradation of the daybreak.

How many thousand times have I already felt like this? Even my self-development seems ridiculous,

but even today, even if it’s another boring today, will stay the same tomorrow.


There are the days in which in front of my eyes there are many choices, and I’m selflishly taking my decision,

but still, there aren’t right or wrong choices.


The flowers bloom, and falling, they scatter indifferently, where is the wind carrying my heart?

If I had to chase my hard to forget memories, only myself will brightly show through.


Suddenly, I realized it, and I’ve slept for two or three minutes, but the second hand of the clock keeps moving and goes on.

Do you understand this sensation of ceasing to exist and disappear without feeling it?


There are days in which I forget the conclusion, my logic, my destiny, my self-criticism and salvation from my sins,

and I ask myself if it’s really necessary or not.


There are season in which, for a brief moment, I forget who I am and the words* echo non-stop in the wind.

Is there an end to joy and suffering? And while (the words) are still throbbing with life, I close them in the night rain of a dream.


Hey, can someone please stay by my side forever?

By doing so, even if it may sound dumb, it’s actually full of meaning

Hey, do please dance as you like,

but we’ve already ran out of time, lights out, the stage is empty.


The flowers bloom, and falling, they scatter indifferently, where is the wind carrying my heart?

If I had to chase my hard to forget memories, even if you shine so vividly, who are you?

And finally, when one day I’ll find out that all of this is an unreachable fantasy, I’ll say goodbye to the world

and I’ll crash right down into it.


Notes and Other

*= “the words” to whom Ryutarō is referring are the words of Japanese poetry of Heian Period which had to be sincere and to talk about feelings and nature and the between them (this is a very short definition for an enormous, if you want to know more just ask me or try researching by yourself starting from here).

The song talks about the most classical Japanese concept of beauty, often depicted as falling cherry tree flowers: it a complicated mix of beauty, and, since when flowers fall they are already dead, of melancholy and the thought that everything is fleeting and transient just like in a dream (and actually much more, but that’s too much to explain). This concept works for arts, but for life as well, that’s why many writers talked about this topic. Moreover, the way many phrases are written, directly links the language to the one used in Heian period.

I mean, it’s practically a whole piece of Japanese culture in a single song, and it’s impossible to describe it without writing paragraphs and paragraphs of incomprehensible words and boring everyone to death. If you want to know more, just ask me and I’ll try my best to answer.