Dadaroma – 螺子 (Neji) Translation



Title: Clock’s screw


The morning glow taints the sky in orange

but I still haven’t slept.

I have no love

for that naked thing close to me.


As if want to bury the screw that fell off, I can’t help drown in the night,

but a new day already began and, since it’s so bright, I close my eyes.


The regret of the “past” that you

left inside of me won’t vanish.

I can’t even paint over it

and it repeats even today on someone else.


I became an adult, and when I stood in front of you,

even if you didn’t say anything,

I always felt ashamed of my naive love.

I don’t want to write such thing like

why is it over or why are you leaving,

but you answered to my questions without facing me.


The “I’m sorry” that you

left inside of me it’s still brightly visible,

and I, who still can’t sleep,

make it repeat itself one someone tonight too.


The rain pours in from that window decorated with flowers,

it did that day, and even today, even today…


Notes and Other

The song’s title wants to convey the meaning of something which never ends, just like clock’s screws keep on rotating without falling off. In the same way, the main character of the song can’t help not to feel any attraction for the women he sleeps with, since that day someone brutally left him in the same way.

That’s an interesting work by Dadaroma, something different from their usual, and the result was quite good being the first time… looking forward to their next works.


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