umbrella – 軽薄ナヒト (Keihakuna hito) Translation



Title: Superficial Person


I keep ignoring the bus’ itinerary to come to love you* and the message.

I check my answering machine for yesterday, were you sick? I’m on a night highway of bloodthirst.


I would like to be able to call my self a machine which says things like “I love you” or something, but I really don’t feel like it.

I don’t want to do such things as if I wanted to be sure of something, and so I take off my ring.


I’m not there, and that’s your fault.

I just want to swallow some of that exciting, sour and sweet honey.

I want to see if this is reality or not,

even though sometimes I see you smiling in my head.


During that late dinner I look at your neck, because of those signs of your messy love life I finally understand.

I swallow that shocking answer with some water and we decide to keep that dinner for another day.


Over the bed our moans fly and dance, the light slowly fades,

and from now on I look down and see a face that fakes a laughs.


I wish I felt ashamed, how could I stoop so low?

Just liking all of my scars.

What do I want to see? This is the true reality,

even though you, who welcomed me, keep on faking your laughs.


I’m hurt.

Surely it’s your fault.

That sweet smell is wrapped in a lethal dose of love.


And then…


My head hurts.

Let’s just end it like this.

Both you and you won’t wait for me anyway.


Do I want to love you?


These are superficial lonely days.


Notes and Other

*= The words here sound like “come to meet you”, but instead of the verb “to meet” the artist put the word “love”, I tried to solve that in the translation so sorry if it sound a bit sketchy.

There are two different “you” in the lyrics, I tried to highlight that by writing one of the two in italic and the other in a normal font: the one in the normal font is the one that wants the main character of the song to get more serious about their love (the one that in the video is home alone), the one in italic is the one with whom the main character cheats his lover (the other girl in the video).

Roughly, it’s a story of a man who can’t decide between a woman who wants him to be loyal forever but it’s a bit to smothering, and a woman who doesn’t ask him any of that but isn’t loyal towards him (the shocking answer that is told in the song is the fact that she dates other men other than him).


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