10 post after: just some random news

I kind like this thing, mainly because in these posts I can swear how much the fuck I want without ruining the goddamn atmosphere of those fucking beautiful translation I post on this piece of shit blog. Sorry, I got a bit too carried away.

Let’s just forget about those lines above and begin with the random news nobody cares about.

Remember when in this post I said I was going to translate the whole album? Well, it looks like I lied, because I can’t figure out what some of the songs want to convey: I’m going to post some of them even though I see not many people reading them (and because I feel edgy as fuck when I manage to fully translate something).

Other news: it’s examination period for me, so until June 3rd my post may be fewer than usual (and they are already few, I know, I know). After that day I may organize the blog in some practical section (you’ll see).

And now on to the hateful news.

I recently surfed the net just for fun to see if other people translated the same songs I translated (and how they did): it turned to be extremely not funny, mainly because of spanish translation. I’m sorry Spanish native speakers, but those translation are extremely fucked up, in a way that I couldn’t even imagine to be possible ( and I’m not talking about one or two songs, but all spanish translation I saw): next time just ask to me, please.

Thank god I also found very good english translations, maybe one day I’m going to talk about them.

Final random and hateful topic: Eurovision. What’s hateful about Eurovision? Pretty much nothing (I find the final chart extremely satisfying according to my musical tastes) except for the German singer. “But she’s just spreading the love for Japanese culture in Europe”, no, don’t you even come to me with that sentence. Japan is not just wearing a kimono with some striped stockings and an abortion between some horns and other things on your head (don’t tell me it’s cute, don’t even tell me that’s Harajuku fashion because we both know it’s not true), just like Italy is not pizza, bad politics and mafia. The song wasn’t so bad (even though compared to all the others was just plain), but, as a student of Japanese culture and language, I found the rest extremely offensive. In the end, Germany got last place: that’s because Europe did not understand the image she wanted to convey, people should think about this. Despite all my rage, I just pity the singer, who is still too young, both musically and lyrically speaking.

That’s it, I’m sure nobody got until this point, so I’ll just finish with this anti-climatic sentence.


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