R-指定 (R-Shitei) ーラストレイン (Rasuto Rein) Translation



Title: Last Rain/Last Train*


A non-stop early summer rain falls down,

and the month of June that came

quickly passes by without waiting for the season to end.


You and me, just like that day,

being swallowed by last train,

with an end like an happy ending of a film

let’s say our goodbye.


You, who used to hate crowds,

hide your face with your red umbrella…

Even though I feel like I want to talk with you,**

I’m scared and I can’t really laugh.


I tried to keep under control my insomnia,

the lyrics I scribbled are of some comfort for my soul?

I link dot to lines***,

and the melody on whom I put and sing on that knocks on the window.


Since I have to go home with the Yamanote line****,

I’ll travel with you until the express for Oda****,

even tonight there’s this hateful rain.

Under the same umbrella, in the night tainted of the same colour (of the umbrella),

I wish we were hugging.


Rapsody in blue*****,

we look like a couple during a perfect date, don’t you think?

You, who look kinda adult, are more adult than me

so you say a kind lie: “See you again”…


Memories piled up, the east exit of Shinjuku stop****,  a crowd of people,

an azalea flower-pattern umbrella sprouts with shimmering colours, isn’t it beautiful?


Even though I look for someone who looked like you,

as if the cold rain chose me,

every single drop, icily, resounds like an instrument.

With my solitary Fender, I want to write in detail

of this love which I can’t let go of.


You and me, just like that day,

being swallowed by last train,

with an end like an happy ending of a film,

when we waved our hands it was already the end.

A rain of spilled tears falls…


Your goodbye taught me

what is really important…


Notes and Other

*=The title is a pun: it says “last rain” but sounds like “last train”.

**=I feel like it’s not clear in English: the main character wants to tell to the partner that he wants to end the relationship.

***=It refers to “writing musical notes” (because the musical notes are dots with a line) but also to “go from a train station to another” (because in Japan train stations are referred with “dot” and the railways that connect them are called “lines”): extremely clever lyric trick.

****=All of these are real name of train station or trains.

*****=Rapsody in Blue is a famous song in which many different genres are mixed together creating a very harmonious symphony: I’m not sure but it may be a paragon with the date of which the song talks about (like they are so different but they work so good together).

Sorry for all of those notes, apart from them the song is pretty simple: it’s about a boy who doesn’t manage to break up with his partner with words, but eventually their goodbye becomes their last goodbye.

I love how the lyrics play with the images of trains and rain, the way it is described makes it look so real. Moreover the images of “the last train” and “rain” in Japanese culture have so much meaning behind, making the song a feels trap for a Japanese.




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