Dadaroma – ベルカとストレルカ (Beruka to Sutoreruka) Translation



Title: Belka and Strelka*


I had hidden the knife into the desk.
It was for protecting myself.
There was no intention of wounding
someone. I want you to believe.
Please don’t see me by your sad eye.


A counting song enveloped in smoke,

the me who searched for the answer,

where is he going?


The rope slowly sways, people clapping,

the thought that “is this the answer?” and the sun end up trampling me down

Black sheep   Insult    Stage intoxication     To play without showing one’s own face**


A falling ceiling, the counting song,

Belka and Strelka*,

where am I?


Ah, the dancing clown reflected in the mirror

sings to stop the tears on your face.


The apple on my head falls down***


I looked at the darkened mist and the moon and I checked if I was breathing,

please don’t cry any more, in the rain in which the sadness grows

I’ll become your umbrella.


Ah the dancing clown looking at the mirror,

to remove your tears on the mirror, wishes that,

if the skies becomes clear without anyone noticing it,

will be together with you.


Notes and Other

*=Belka and Strelka are the name of the first to dog to live for one day on a spaceship for Russian space projects, after that mission one of the two was assigned to space mission never again. I’m just taking a wild guess here, but I think that the idea that the title wants to suggest is “to part from someone who shared an important experience with us and to long for that person wishing to be together once again”.

**=I guess these maybe some critiques to the artist, but I’m not so sure…

***=I really don’t know what does this mean… the main thing that pops into my mind is William Tell but I don’t know how that links to the song.

Words in Italic are in English in the original lyrics.

I don’t feel confident enough on the meaning of the song to make speculations. If you have any idea please tell me.



7 thoughts on “Dadaroma – ベルカとストレルカ (Beruka to Sutoreruka) Translation

  1. Hi!

    The apple on the head line automatically reminded me of Newton’s Apple. Maybe it’s pointing to Yoshiatsu having some kind of realization/epiphany? It would make sense, given that the feel of the lyrics turns into a more positive light starting from that breakdown.


    1. Hello and thank you for your support! It could be Newton’s apple, but the way the line is phrased in Japanese makes me think otherwise: 僕に乗せられたリンゴ(Boku ni noserareta ringo) literally means “the apple that was put on top of our head” (as if someone else did it), so if it was the case you suggested I think it would be used a different phrasing (like 僕にあったリンゴ, the apple “existing” on top of me) because apple grow by nature on top of trees (and there’s no one who put them on the trees).
      But, if you consider the apple as Adam and Eve’s apple, it makes sense because it seems like God put the apples on the tree. Also, according to the bible, the apple is the Fruit of Knowledge and when Adam and Eve ate it, they knew also the “evil” of the world (and thay can be considered as an epiphany as well).
      Sorry for drowning you into such technical (and probably boring and not so clear) topics, hopefully I answered properly to your question (if not, tell me and I’ll try to be more clear).


      1. Oh, don’t worry! I like technical actually : D The Adam and Eve imagery makes a lot of sense. I just wanted to offer some input to expand on the annotation.

        WIth that said, I’d like to thank you for the amazing work you’ve put into these translations. I had been looking for translated Dadaroma lyrics for a couple months now and only found your blog yesterday. Biggest of kudos to you! However, I couldn’t help but notice most of the Dadaism #2 songs were missing, along with Apathy Human (from the Saishuudensha single); and it made me kinda sad because that’s one of my favourite songs from them. Do you have plans to translate them in the future? I’ll be really looking forward to them if you would do so. Thank you again!


      2. The fact is that I haven’t planned to translate all of Dadaroma’s songs in the first place, but I ended up translating a lot of them for one reason or another… so I guess now it would make sense if I translate them all: it will take some time but I’ll try.


  2. I must admit I’d love to see that, If it’s of any consolation, you are so close! I’m listing them off the top of my head, but I can only think of seven songs left and out of those over half of them are either heavy on the English or have very few lyrics overall. I’m assuming that Ars Amatoria and Imitation Hero would pose the biggest challenge out of what’s left, while Morphine#3 and 地面 would be arguably easy. I’ll cheer you on from here!


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