Dadaroma – dadaism#1: a brief review

I don’t know how this will work out, but I want to try it, just to see if there’s some kind of feedback. So let’s jump into the review of Dadaroma’s first mini-album: dadaism#1


Release date: 21-02-2015

Track list (+links to the translation)

  1. SE
  2. 溺れる魚(Oboreru Sakana)
  3. Money
  4. モルヒネ#1 (Morphine #1)
  5. SEX!
  6. モルヒネ#2 (Morphine#2)
  7. ベルカとストレルカ (Beruka to Sutoreruka)


A very solid first release, dadaism#1 is one of those single who really want to deliver clearly a message: and the message is that humanity is just a mass of corrupted robot moved by greed, sex and egotism. There’s no salvation except for a small hope hinted in the final lines of ベルカトストレルカ.

The title of the album suggests many different meanings. The Dadaism movement consisted of a group of artists that during the years of the II World War fled in Switzerland to leave the madness of war and nationalism in their own country: their works and shows were open critiques towards the society of the time and extremely experimental, two quality that can be assigned to this album as well. Also, the concept of “Dadaism” suggests the concept of disorder which may refer to the different themes presented in each song.

The cover of the album depicts a fish ( a clear reference to the second track of the album)  and a withered tree which may be the tree of Wisdom of Adam and Eve (meaning that Wisdom obtained by men by committing the first sin has withered leaving nothing but sins).


That was a test. I quite enjoyed doing that and maybe I’ll do something similar in the future. Let me know what you think.


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