16 post after: updates and news

You can’t even imagine how difficult is for me to start writing such content-less posts, so this time I won’t even bother and start right away skipping any form of introduction.

So, as you can see, now there a “translations” link up above the site which leads to the list of translations on this blog. I want you to notice that because it forced me to ask for help to “a person” (told ya I’m shit with these things). Anyway, looking to the data of the blog it seems it is coming in handy to many people out there so I’ll let a silent “fuck yeah man” echo inside myself.

Moreover, I hope I stunned you with the quantity of translation I provided in this two weeks, and I hope you to remain stunned for a bit more because I need to work on some other things in this period so I’ll necessarily slow down the rhythm.

Ah, Dadaroma’s last album is a masterpiece.

That’s it.

I know, there’s no content in this post.

I’m just trying to make this post longer.




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