5 posts after:a lot of things to say

Once again I’m here bothering you with my favourite kind of posts, the one in which I rumble like a eighty year old while I’m just twentyone. Let’s start.

So, looking at the statistics of the blog, I saw you loved the Dadaroma’s Stanczyk translations. There are just two songs of that album that I haven’t translated but there are some problem: 融け込めないざらざら芸術を君が殺してくれないか is pretty much impossible to translate (and with that I mean that I kinda understood what they want to convey but I can’t really find any words to translate it in English nor in Italian) and I can’t find decent kanji lyrics for “imitation hero” (if you have the booklet or know a site where there are reliable kanji lyrics please tell me). I hope to solve at least the second problem in the briefest of time.

I love the statistics of the blog because I can stalk a lot of things about the readers. The main point is that someone ( yes, I’m talking to you whose youtube name consists of two words starting with “n”) used my translations for a youtube video without asking me. I’m not mad or anything like that (but maybe next time warn me if you use it), just if you’re just going to copy-paste the lyrics in the description at least copy the asterisk notes as well.

Also, Brexit is happening, and that’s going to be a big deal in Europe. Just some random flash news here.

I just realized I forced myself to translate Kiryu’s 百鬼夜行 because I really enjoyed the album, that means that maybe I’ll be translating some more from the album ( but just some because translating Kiryu’s stuff is really difficult and may cause lack of confidence to those who dare to understand what they’re trying to convey).

Recently I started to dive in the obscure world of indie Japanese Rock, if you see some translations of such songs don’t worry, it’s just that.


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