Almost 10 posts after: asterisks, vacations, J-pop Asia and much more…

So, a lot of things happened during these days.

People keep copy-pasting my translations on various websites (but at least they put the link to the original post) leaving the asterisks but without transcribing the notes linked to those asterisks. I mean… what’s the point? In some song there are 6 asterisks and if you don’t put any notes it just seems that I used them to censor a swear word. Come on, if you guys are just going to copy-paste, at least do it right! I spent something like 2 hours to change the colour of the asterisks to red, so maybe this will help you understand.

From July 19th to 29th I’ll be on a vacation, so that means that there won’t be any more translations in July (maybe).

Some of my translations featured on J-pop Asia, which is a quite popular sites about Japanese music. Now, I don’t like being in the spotlight nor the fact that my translations were featured with the asterisks but without the notes (really?!), but this may be something like a turning point: I feel like in this way I’m helping to make the community a bit more conscious about Japanese music.

Of course, other people used my translations  but all of them didn’t mind the fucking asterisks.

Meanwhile Europe is tearing apart, but don’t worry, I’ll try to keep the rhythm of my post as much constant as possible.


4 thoughts on “Almost 10 posts after: asterisks, vacations, J-pop Asia and much more…

  1. So if we copy the asterisks too (which I always did btw) it it ok to put your translations on JPA?
    Because I was honestly lucky to find your blog to begin with and I know many people who don´t, it seems like a good idea to me to have as many translations as possible on one site but of course, if you don´t want that, I´ll take them down.


  2. I think crediting them is only natural. Especially annoying are the people who copy something without asteriks nor credits and don´t even take the *s out so everyone can see its definetly not their translation as well as an incomplete one…

    Thank you


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