Diaura – 棘 (Toge) Translation



Title: Thorn


Would someone extract the thorn stuck into my fingertip?

I always cry out from a corner with a voice which will never reach anybody…


I got it, right from the beginning,

that my sense of feeling out of place was just my fault.

In the same way, this happy world

seemed dark to my eyes.


Goodbye world.

The voice of you who push my back,

I will not forget that.

Even though you are not here

I’m still hurt anyway

and the thorn is still stuck anyway.


“Go back to square one”

I didn’t choose any of my options

while I was betraying my heart, if only that could have been good.


By searching the answer in the darkness

everything vanished.

In the same way, in this narrow world

everything seemed dark.


Goodbye world.

Look at it, it turns upside down, peels and falls.

Look carefully at it.

Carve that image in your eyes.

That end…


Goodbye world.

Now, in a corner my ideals will scatter.

Small world…

Even if I will vanish,

it won’t change anyway,

the thorn will be stuck anyway.


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