“Youtubers react: visual kei”:my thoughts

Soooo… this happened and I really feel the urge to talk about this.

Let’s start from the content of this video and examine everything step by step.

The title is wrong: Visual kei it’s not Japanese Rock. But, since the people reacting to it don’t know such a thing, I can go over such a generic definition. Even so, it hurts me to think that when I say that I translate Visual Kei lyrics people might say/think “Oh yeah, that japanese rock stuff”.

The choice of content is awful: the genre was described as various and just three “dark” bands were shown. I understand that talking about something with just 3 videos is difficult, but that’s just being negligent. Also, the band were shown to people not used to heavy/screamo (and so on) who inevitably will say “Oh my god, no, I don’t like this”: I found such hypocrisy only in Buzzfeed videos, the only difference is that there’s no click-bait title. Summarize 30 and more years of Visual kei in these 3 songs just to see the disgusted faces of people not understanding what they’re seeing is straight up offensive, both to the fans and the bands.

The copyright. Oh my god, the copyright. The Dadaroma video and the Insanity Injection one as well shown, have been taken from the official channel of the bands: it’s not free content, it’s their content. The Gazette video was taken from a Youtube user who illegally posted it. To use such content they should at least have asked permission to the band and/or their label: I bet they haven’t. It really makes me angry seeing subs channel being closed for copyright infringement while these people suffer no consequences. Unacceptable behaviour from such a big channel.

The facts displayed in the second half of the video are pretty accurate, except for that “Which roughly translates to Liz Lee Circus” part: at that point I wanted to kill to myself. It really shows how bad they researched on the topic.

Impact on the viewers: average. I can’t say it is bad because I think that people genuinely interested in the genre won’t be stopped by this kind of video: it took me 3 years to really appreciate this genre, 3 years in which I loved it, I hated it, I ignored it, but in the end I always came back. It sounds like something “destined to be”, I like to think it that way.

Also, since the release of the video there has been boost of the views on my posts, especially on “Risley Circus” by Dadaroma, and I guess that may be a sign that these artists are getting the attention we always wanted them to get: I can’t help thinking that this might be a turning point.

But even so, I’ll just keep translating.



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