18 posts after: I just can’t get enough…

Once again, I’m here trying to write this kind of posts and realizing how I still haven’t find an effective way to do so… I’ll just start with the news then…

Every time, at the beginning of a month, I find myself thinking “There’s no way the blog is going to top the statistics of last month” and now I’m looking at the statistics of this month telling me “1996 views, 1018 visitors”:  I don’t know if this is much in general, but to me it’s a like a lot (but like A LOT a lot). So THANK YOU. I’m extremely glad that this site has become an useful tool to so many people interested in Japanese music and, if I will ever have some more free time, I’ll try my best to make this site even better (I have so many plans and so few time…).

The one thing I regret about this blog though, is that it’s difficult to interact with you mainly because not many people have a WordPress account. Also, the world of Japanese music (especially indie music) is so vast that one cannot explore it by oneself and so it would be nice to share songs, opinion, ideas with others. With that in mind, I decided to create a tumblr account where I’ll try to post something related to Japanese Music every day. I hope that was a good idea, link for my tumblr is here , feel free to add me and talk to me.

Also, next April I’m going to Japan, I’ll be there just 2 months and just for study purposes, but I really can’t hide how excited I am. The place is Kōchi, in the Shikoku, far from the big cities and so surrounded by Nature and temples and I can’t wait to see everything: I’m so excited that I actually created an Instagram (yeah, I know, there’s still a lot of time before the departure) in order to share with the world at least a bit of what I’ll see. Right now there are just a few silly photos on it, but I plan to fill my account with photos of seagulls and close-ups of fishes from the Venice’s fish market (and maybe a few beautiful photos of unknown places in Venice) just to make sure that people won’t expect anything serious from me. My username is “edgeofbobo”.

Now, let’s leave behind all that social trash talk and discuss something else.

Since a user asked me to, I’m going to translate all of Dadaroma’s song. It will take a bit, but I intend to complete this work before the end of the year.

One week ago, I saw all the shopping mall near my home here in Venice putting on all of those Christmas decorations and I thought it could have been a nice idea to share with all of you this jolly and festive spirit (even though I know ’tis not the season yet). The problem is, me being a sassy little bitch when it comes to this kind of things, I can’t stand to make something unoriginal. And so I asked to the person who made the first graphics of the site to create something inspired to one of my favourite Japanese Winter themed panel. The background is still a place-holder though, so it will probably change in a few weeks. Hope you like it, if not, don’t worry: it will be there just for the Christmas period.

I guess that’s it for now. Tomorrow Initial’l first single will be released and I can’t wait. Bye


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