All of the news and Updates

So, since they’re already a lot and eventually will keep growing, I guess I might as well make a list of links of all the “update” posts, so it’s easier to keep track of the changes of the blog during all this time. Posts are in chronological order from latest (on top) to oldest.

5+ month later: achievements, Visual-Kei overdose, now what?

24 posts after: time’s ticking, I dropped the streak, big pause again

One pandemic outbreak ago: stuck home, really busy, I still like Visual Kei

Many months later

Several months after: end, normality, dot dot dot

17 post after: laziness, Tokyo, luck…

17 posts after: bad wi-fi, literary criticism, graduation…

17 posts after: small vacations, postpones post, once again instagram…

17 posts after: satisfaction, new content, time to become professional…

14 post after: an impalpabile future, planning, new year…

25 post after: incoming Christmas, exams, renewed efforts…

5 post after: feelings of fall (ing and floating)

23 post after: august break, Korean, plans….

3 months after: I’m back, backtrack and decisions…

13 post after: study trip, positive note, me blabbering about cheesy stuff

13 post after: I’m not dead…

18 posts after: I just can’t get enough…

21 posts after: new balance

Almost 10 posts after: asterisks, vacations, J-pop Asia and much more…

5 posts after:a lot of things to say

16 post after: updates and news

10 post after: just some random news

10 posts after: some update

How I actually can’t write a good self-presentation

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