Dadaroma -地面 (Jimen) Translation



Title: Ground


It flies. Inside.

I gaze at chaos and control

It flies. Inside.

The matured arbour led us to a mistake


Even so, even so, the tomorrow we cling onto is nothing but a dream,

we undergo great hardships but even so we cling to this world, even though it’s empty and cold.



I wanna carry out.


Why? Why? Why we have we born?

Why? Why we must part from our tears?

Let’s go back from here,

the childish me is calling me.


Come here

Come here



A cold wind envelopes me

and it’s telling me to come.

The withered flower on the flower bed, even now, they just

waver and waver…

Welcome back here


Notes and Other

Translating this song was extremely difficult, mainly because the words used here are difficult and cryptic (especially in the first lines) and I think they are from some religious book (probably the bible: the arbour might by the Eden Garden, the next sentences may mean something like “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”)

Since I’m not extremely sure about my translation, I have nothing but a single theory: it seems the song composed for a funeral. The “Ground” of the title may refer to the ground covering the coffin, then there are all those question on life which basically ask what’s the meaning of life if in the end we’re just going to die, and then there’s the flower bed which, to me, is a pretty strong image linked to funeral (but that’s just what I imagined).


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