Dadaroma – 「雨のワルツ」 (Ame no Waltz): a brief review

Release Date: 15-07-2015

Tracklist (+link to translation)

1.雨のワルツ(Ame no Warutsu)

2.愁いリビド- (Urei Libido)

3.腐ったミカンの方程式 (Kusatta Mikan no Houteiishiki)



Second release by the band which pretty much confirms what they stated in their first ep: heavy sound, rough themes, dark visuals. While 愁いリビド- (Urei Libido) and 腐ったミカンの方程式 (Kusatta Mikan no Houteiishiki) bring nothing new to the table (the first one is really close to the “Morphine” series songs while the second pretty much follows the line of “SEX!” and “Money”), 雨のワルツ(Ame no Warutsu) has something new to offer: heavier sounds at the beginning in deep contrast with the melancholic second part of the song. And especially this Melancholy is something new since in Dadaism #1 there was no such thing but just anger and despair. It seems like there’s someone who can be saved… who can be? Maybe the fans?

The title of the album puts a lot on emphasis on the contrast between “Rain” and “Waltz”: not only by their meaning, but also how they are written (the first one is a Japanese word in kanji, the second one is a foreign word written in katakana; also, the first one is short and easy to pronounce and read, the second one is long and has a strange sound in Japanese language). It’s pretty much the same contrast we can find in the first song of the single.


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