Dadaroma – 「最終電車」 (Saishuu Densha): a brief review

Release date: 02-09-2015

Tracklist (+link to translations)

1.最終電車 (Saishuu Densha)

2.アパシー・ヒューマン (Apathy Human)


I think pretty much everyone was stunned by the quality of this single: the up-beat tempo of 最終電車 (Saishuu Densha) and dark tone of the side track made me jump on my chair during all the length of the single. And that’s exactly what a single should do: easily convey a feeling with few tracks.

The message is that we, as humans, are just egotist, even love is just our need of sexual intercourse: there’s no light of hope so let’s just crawl into the darkness. Not that there’s something wrong with it, moral itself doesn’t actually exist, but in the vortex in which we strive to satisfy our passions there’s some kind of hidden loneliness even if we can’t feel it. That loneliness can be found at the end of both two songs, in the last lines, in the last chords, and even on the cover of the album: the sexy woman of 最終電車 (Saishuu Densha) here is nothing but an half mannequin embracing itself in pain, alone in a dusky coloured deserted bar.



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