Vivid undress – ウララ (Urara) Translation




I’m always lonely and I don’t feel satisfied.

Where are you now? What are you doing?


The station of Shimokitagawa is tainted by the sunset,

its silhouette fades into the view I got used to see.

I’ll plug my hears from those song I really don’t care about

and look for my next part time job.


You left, I’m alone in this room,

for some reason I feel relieved a little bit.

The me humming a song I really don’t care about,

who is it?


It is so beautiful*, spring and your smell,

you used to gently touch my cheeks.

Since that time, most of this town

has changed a lot, don’t you think?


In the commercial district it’s getting noisier and noisier,

a younger girl called for you

saying “you are not so good at drinking”

and, hers oolong tea cocktail…

she’s about to throw it up.


It is so beautiful*, it feels like people looking like you

keep passing by one after the other.

Since that time, the two of us

have changed a lot, don’t you think?


Hey, tell me, the wish you kept as a secret

the day we grasped tightly our joined hand.

Hey, tell me, the we of that time,

we’ve been good back then? We were happy?


“Spring has your smell”


While being together, nothing has changed…

Why we complained and start looking for the winter?

Looking at it now, I think that ours

has been a good love relationship…


Uh, lala

Just as always, I sang a song,

as if you never existed

in this ever changing town.


Notes and Other

*=the word itself doesn’t exist, it is read as “urara” and it is written with a kanji which means “beautiful”

Very sweet song, I actually love they way every word sounds so gentle and a bit melancholic.


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