23 post after: august break, Korean, plans….

August has come, while drowning in my own sweat, I can already see my exams draw nearer and nearer everyday. Being extremely good at wasting my time, I occasionally feel the need to plan my life: this is one of these times. To put it simply, I probably won’t post anything until the beginning or even the half of September.

Blame it partially on me, partially on the damn exams of Korean Language. Mainly on the exam though. The thing is I won’t even be able to use that language for any use, but I still have to pass it. But it’s not your cup of tea, so I’ll just stop it.

What are the plans for the comeback? It all depends on how much a busy period will the following be. I have come the point that I really have confidence in my abilities but I’m not sure if someone may be interested in them. With all this things in my head, I can’t really make up my mind. This doesn’t mean I will stop posting translation: I’ll have to clarify to myself if I want to do it as a hobby, as a way to improve and study Japanese or has true job. Being in a situation of swim or sink, I’ll inevitably have to face this decision in September.

Briefly, wait for me in September, with a new graphic, new translation and maybe something more.


3 thoughts on “23 post after: august break, Korean, plans….

    1. Not many actually… As for languages I speak fluently, it would be Italian (of course), English, Japanese. I understand quite well Spanish even though I don’t feel confident about my skillz, and Latin too (but that’s mainly knowledge of grammar construction, period and phrases analysis). Even though I passed the Korean Language Exams, I can barely understand it.


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