PIERROT – ハルカ・・・ (Haruka…) Translation



Title: Far Away*


So much time has passed and I’m still delivering you my ever burning feelings,

until I’ll meet you again in this scenery changing incessantly.


I recall the memories of a far away past, in the depth of the raging sea a new life arises.

We met while being touched by the sun rays of the ancient eras, so I won’t doubt that we will meet again in an unknown future.


A giant mountain range roars and while breathing out a white cloud, obstructs the sun

and steals everything from us…


On the cracking soil, I gazed with you upon the world at its end,

leave with a pray to overcome space and time and meet again someday…


We repeated a process of evolution in the same way we were shown, and we built many fleeting civilizations,

but on top of the crowded grey concrete, I only searched for your silhouette.


The sun will pour down poison and the soil who sustained all of our sins will die out

and they will steal everything from us…


So much time has passed and I’m still delivering you my ever burning feelings,

until I reach the scared you in this never ending spiral


Towards that new encounter** that we promised in the end on the other side…


Notes and Other

*= the word is written in katakana, as to symbolize a place which is not from this time and space, somewhere “beyond”.

**=according to Buddhism, people who are bound to each other by a strong link (love, hate and so on) are destined to meet countless times in every cycle of death and rebirth.

Another love song with a catastrophe in the background, but this time the song it’s still more focused on the idea that their love is so strong that it will make the two meet in every rebirth.

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