5+ month later: achievements, Visual-Kei overdose, now what?

Hello again! Kept you waiting, uh? I’m sorry (I just realized how much these two sentence clash, but I’ll leave them like that).

So, I know I was suppossed to come back to the blog in July, but a lot of things happened (and many more didn’t), so let me explain.

First of all, I had to delay my graduation plans since I flunked the last exam (yes, Classical Japanese). I mean, the lockdown took a huge toll on my mental serenity and I’m still surprised how I manage to juggle so many things during that period. In the end, I crumbled under the pressure of all the things I had to do in June and, long story short, I’ll be finally graduating on November 3rd (hopefully in presence if things don’t go really for shit, which is likely).

My Master Thesis is finally complete and I’m so very proud of it. Not gonna lie, I still feel like a overdosed on Visual-Kei theory, but I think that will my translations a bit sharper.Having to postpone everything, I had more time to work on it and last week I finally sumbitted it in its full 235 paged monolithical presence. Of course, even if it mainly uses Japanese and English-speaking sources, it’s mainly written in Italian. After it will be reviewed by the committee in November, I’ll gladly leave a link to download it on this blog and maybe I’ll try to translate it in English so that anyone can read it. That will take a lot of time, so I’ll probably write a post giving some general advices on the bibliography for anyone interested in tackling the topic.

So, while the world was slowly re-opening I was still curved on my books and when I was finished it was right about to close down again. At the moment I’m looking for a short term job in Italy and a long term one in Japan, but the current situation isn’t really helping. This means that I had to write down my achievements in CV and send it around.

The funny thing is that I found out that this blog is the past time I spent most of my time in these years and so I always end up putting a link to it in all my CV. So, even if right now is far from the success of a couple of years ago, I still like how I shaped it in these years. So, having more time in my hands, I decided to rust it off a bit and start again.

So yeah, at first you’ll say a bunch of translation, probably Polkadot Stingray, Kiryu and some others. Then we’ll see how things work. Hopefully some of you are still around. Bye!