Reol – Q? Translation

Kanji: taken from the video description

Why, right now, grasping your hands,
does that warmth you just noticed feels so nostalgic?
Why, looking at the rain of may* teasing the abyss,
do you feel like crying, at that sight you smiled at?

Call me with that voice of yours

I realized that that weakness that I couldn’t tell to anyone
is the stepping stone to stand up strong
It is different so that’s why it feels dear to me
I just want to understand, you and me

The more we keep on living, the more our scars increase
even so, we keep on searching for our own reason
And the more we continue, the more beautiful it gets
I want to understand now, I want to scream

I’m here, I’m here

You have paid for it
Try to catch me
Why did it turn out like this?

I’m here, I’m here

The glow overflowing with light, understand, resides on the verge of giving up on it,
To us who used to look down in it deceiveing ourself with our “at most,  moreover, possibly, consequently”
Time is something incredibly silent, to the point of being something scary
Our consciousness give up on it, as if it was some kind of punishment

Interruption, will you just accept the same colours**
and wound us in the past where you called out every thing that was different?
It’s inevitable, it showed with a resolution where I could even too much
I’ll put on my shoulder the weight of pain and love and I won’t be like you

This awareness of mine that I won’t explain to no one
I’ll hide it deep inside the concrete
It is different so that’s why it feels dear to me
I just want to long for this

Say, if only you could turn your sadness into gold
the figures drown by you would be superb

I’ll lose myself into the silence where I dance swaying and griefing
Even the camellia*** finally falls off
While griefing only punishment will torture us
Like walking in the white night****

We know it from our birth
We should wish the very best of everything
Even when it comes to our mistakes

The more we get to know
all that you couldn’t say to anyone, the younger we get
It is different so that’s why it feels dear to me
I just want to understand, you and me

The more we keep on living, the more our scars increase
May we tie knots***** as to overwrite them
and may them be beautiful
I want to understand now, I want to scream

Notes and Other

*=It’s the heavy rain at the beginning of the rainy season. In this context it suggest a situation of utter desperation.
**= In Japanese this word is full of many different meaning concerning one’s personality, attitude or even feelings. Since I didn’t want to pick a specific meaning (and it’s likely that the artist left the term vague to indicate all the possible meaning), I left the word as it is.
***= Differently from other flowers, when the camellia withers its petals fall all together instead of falling one by one. This peculiarity has made it that in Japanese culture this flower is related to the concept that the most beautiful things end abruptly.
****= as in the phenomenon that can be seen in the northern areas of Earth, where the night continues for several days.
*****=There’s no proper translation for this word that more precisely refers to the decorative knotson Japanese letters/cards which differ in form according to the occasion (graduation, marriageecc). The main point is that this kind of knot means that there’s something worth celebrating, indicate the act of “overwriting over the scars” as something to be remembered positively.

It’s not uncommon for anime openings (especially in the case of anime which are not huge hits) to go for an existential theme for the lyrics: this is a great of example of such. “Q?” means “question”, referring to the “raison d’etre”, that question of life that makes us walk forward in life. Through the
many metaphors which hopefully I managed to clear up in the notes, Reol points out how that question is “how can we be different”, no matter how painful the process to become so will be: pain and beauty are closely tied, but pain has a meaning only when we realize that is what is necessary to make a difference in the world.

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