Dezert – Your Song Translation

Kanji: taken from a comment below the video



With a permanent binding spell

you hold your breath, unable to go anywhere


If the look* I was born with was different I would have been happier

thinking such things you are comparing yourself with someone


Hello, Hello?

There is no one in the world

Never, Never

and you are hating yourself

Hello, Hello?

Even if you close your eyes you can’t dream

In such a world you’ll understand the true meaning


You shouldn’t be scared!

I am here!

If you stay there

you’ll scratch your heart** that stopped moving and tear apart the regrets that you’ll grasp

you’ll breath again, you’ll understand the meaning of walking forward


You have been wasting away to the point of not being able to fight anymore

and your voice has been stolen by those artificial dreams

Unable to choose anything, you shut down yourself

and just stayed there, unable to run away nor anywhere, didn’t you?


Hello, Hello!

There’s no need to play dead!


You may have lost something so many times

You may have lost your world

But if you stay there the way you are

you’ll claw the reality and you’ll tear apart the sadness that you carried on your back

You’ll breath again, won’t you?


An unending song will start playing again***

You’ll sing about what you must protect

You’ll scratch your heart** that has stopped moving and you’ll break the regrets that you chose

Come on, now I’ll drag you out of this


You shouldn’t be afraid

If you sing your song

it’ll connect us far away, so

scratch your heart** stopped moving and hold onto the truth that you dug up

You’ll breathe again

You’ll understand the meaning of living


You may have lost something so many times

You may have lost your world

But if you stay there the way you are

I’ll be here the way I am!


Notes and Other

Words in Italic are in English in the original lyrics

*=as said in other instances, the straightforward meaning of this word is “colour” but it can be used in enormous variety of nuances to indicate anything related to the specific characteristics of an individual, from the appearance to the personality.

**= the term in Japanese stands out because it can only refer to the physical part (meaning the organ) and not the “spiritual” part as in many western languages, where the word can also have the meaning of “feelings” or “soul”.

***=the verb here is referred to the song, so it means “start being played again”, but outside of context this expression means “coming back to life”.

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