15 posts later: first snow, saturation, back-tracking

Hello again, it has been some time.

Today, when I woke up, the first snow of the year had covered with a thin white layer all that I could see from the window of my room. This year has been particularly tough, for me just as everyone else who tried to be safe by avoiding to get out as much as possible, and seeing, for once, that the same usual scenery reflected on my window was a bit different kinda warmed my heart so I decided to change the banner of the blog with something more “wintery”.

Recently I’m really struggling to find new material to translate. Partly, that’s because some of the bands that I used to listen the most have disbanded, and partly because most of the songs of the new sprouts of the scene manage to keep my interest just for 4-5 times: it has been quite a lot since I updated my playlist. Also, having focused for almost an entire year on Visual-Kei for my thesis, kinda consumed my “innocent approach” to the genre, making me see everything in a way more cynical (and sometimes over-critical) way. Hopefully, some kind of break will help me find some balance in my feeling towards the genre that I still like, but that has ceased to amaze me in a consistent way.

In order to so, I’ll stop translating new songs on my own for a bit (but I’ll still accept requests) and I’ll try to look back at my old translation from the very beginning. This will definitely help me understand what did amaze me back in the day and it will be a great occasion to fix some mistakes and provide new commentary to my old works. When I’ll manage to correct and deepen the analysis of those songs, I’ll be sure to pin the old posts on the front page of the blog, so that hopefully someone might find something interesting to them in my very difficult to navigate blog (I know, there’s too many posts, I’m sorry).

That said, I’ll go back to work. Stay warm and stay safe!

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