Daoko – ぼく (Boku) Translation



Title: Me

Since there is still time

before the morning comes,

I’ll look into some faint memories,

will I win the lottery prize for New Year’s Eve?

Since I’ll probably waste tomorrow,

since I can properly make up my plans,

don’t give up on me,

give me more love,

like a cannon,

if you won’t give me love, I’ll be a lost child,

there’s nothing in this world that can surprise me!

Since I don’t have any talent, I DON’T LIKE myself,

I might realize it

after I fall in disgrace

it’s a possibility,

I’m saying, maybe one day, ok?

How long?

I’m asking you!

It’s big problem, I don’t have any self-confidence.

I don’t know the you

who doesn’t know me.

I only know the me

who doesn’t know you.

When will you realize that?

You just don’t know,

please don’t realize it,

I hate me,

so uncool, right?

Even though I sing a cool song,

even though the uncool me sings a song,

the pretty you won’t turn towards me, right?

Someone, please, sing instead of me!

It’s a life in which we cross each other without encountering,

what the hell, I don’t care if you get nervous about it,

I envy bold people but

if I changed my appearance

because of my inferiority complex which drenches me in tears, will something change?

I entered a major label,

what has changed?

error, error, error,

if I hit the jackpot and sell successfully, there’s no need to sacrifice anything, right?

I’m strange so it’s strange but

with this strange voice and strange lyrics

I came this far, it is strange so,

no matter what everyone says to me,

it’s because I am strange.

My feelings,

your feelings,

the feelings of everyone, I want to make them good.

Self-satisfaction is good, you’re fine just with that,

if you don’t have that mindset you can’t make it, woof*,

I stretch my ideas,

your help is always needed.

Since the answer is always “no”, there are no questions,

If you prepare in advance, you won’t be sorry,

go ahead, go on,

I want you to fantasize on me,

that me is your me so


the imaginary me,

fantasize on

the imaginary me.

When will you realize that?

You just don’t know,

Please don’t realize it

I hate me,

so uncool, right?

Even though I sing a cool song,

even though the uncool me sings a song,

the pretty you won’t turn towards me, right?

Someone,please, sing instead of me!

I’ll compose cool songs!

Even though I am not cool I’ll sing songs!

Even though the pretty won’t turn towards me

I won’t let anyone

sing instead of me!

Notes and Other

Words in Italic are in English in the original lyrics.

*= yes, in this part she’s imitating a bark just because the sound matches another one in the same verse. It’s just cute, don’t think too much about it.

Another classic from young Daoko’s repertory. She managed to become pretty popular when she was pretty young (still in high school) and these songs seem kinda reflect the thoughts of a teenage girl catapulted in the major music world perhaps a bit too early. Nonetheless, the freshness of the lyrics, the flow and the simple beats have a distinct “Daoko Flavour”, something that she wanted to homage in her first “mature” album Thank you Blue (Blue here meaning the young days).

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