Plastic Tree – 落花 (Rakka) Translation



Title: Falling Flowers

Is this feeling of emptiness really appropriate? I’ll try to make a song about this, here you go

The dawn has reached the most saturated gradation

How many thousand times have I already felt like this? It would be ridicolous to say that I have gotten better at it,

but today*, well, let’s say today too, and tomorrow as well I will continue being like this.

There are many option in front of my eyes and I choose according to my selfish desires,

and without being nor wrong nor right, the days go on.

The flowers bloom incontrollable, and falling, they scatter all around, where is the wind carrying their soul**?

It’s hard to forget and when I chase my memories, only myself brightly shows through.

Suddenly, I realized that I’ve slept for two or three minutes, but the second hand of the clock keeps moving and goes on.

Do you understand this sensation of ceasing to exist and disappear without feeling it?

I resolved that I should forget any conclusion, but claering both my fate and my self-criticism

is really necessary or not? The days pose this question…

The season forget about me and disappear in an instant, but the words*** in the wind won’t stop echoing.

Is the cycle of happiness and sadness never ending? While stil being filled with life, it will end as if it was a dream.

Hey, can someone please stay by my side forever?

This way even my naive action will have a meaning

Hey, do please dance as you like,

but we’ve already ran out of time, lights out, emptiness.

The flowers bloom incontrollable, and falling, they scatter all around, where is the wind carrying their soul**?

It’s hard to forget and when I chase my memories, even if you are so vivid, I don’t really know who are you.

Therefore, since I understood that all of this is just a fantasy, one day I’ll say farewell

and will sink into the world.

Notes and Other

*= the sentence starts as if “something is going to be different today”, but then the singer quicly correct himself, stating “today too and tomorrow as well will be the same”.

**=the word that I translated with “soul” is full of many different meanings and can be interpreted in many ways. First of all, it can also mean “mind”, “feelings”, “essence”, and it’s unclear if it’s referring to those of the singer of those of the flowers or both. I’m actually pending for third option, since the sence of emptiness that the songs mention at the beginning as a feeling of the singer is often linked in classical literature to the image of scattering flowers in the wind: I’d say that the protagonist aims at identifying himself with those flowers and the way they’re feeling when they’re swept away in the wind while in full bloom.

***= in Japanese the term “word” has a very unique origin, as it stems from the term “leaf of utterances”, which now sounds as a rather archaic expression, but it is deliberately used in such a way in this song. This term is central to one of the very first work of Japanese poetry where the compiler describes the word (leaves of utterances) as the product of feelings that only Japanese people feel, described as “seeds of the soul”. In the context of the song, the wind may carry away the flowers (and the main character as well), but the words (leaves) still offer to the main character a way to express his feelings.

While the songs states pretty clearly that the main theme “the sense of emptiness”, the rest is pretty much open to interpretation: let’s go step by step. Since it’s Plastic Tree, most likely the song has something to do with a love relationship and there is actually a “you” that seems to be slowly fading away in the memory of the main character. The sense of emptiness is often associated with the lack of feeling towards specific things, so my guess is that the main character, even though he remembers vividly the features of the past lover, has lost contact with the feelings that were attached to them. A similar destiny is shared by flowers (most likely cherry flowers) whose beauty is always remembered in everyone’s words, but their actualy body gets lost everytime in the wind. And so, once the fantasy of love is over, every memory is destined to fall down, just like petals from flowers, and get lost in the wind.

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3 thoughts on “Plastic Tree – 落花 (Rakka) Translation

  1. Hello,
    I hope that you are doing well today and that this question won’t take up too much of your time. I am a student doing a comparative study on the album cover for this song and knowing the cultural context behind said song would be incredibly helpful. You did say in this translation that you would elaborate on the meaning if asked so I’m inquiring on that subject.

    I understand that you’re incredibly busy and likely do not have time to assist me. It’s completely alright if you cannot do so, please do not feel any obligation. Regardless, you’ve already done so much just by providing this translation and I am incredibly thankful for that. I hope that you have a wonderful day and that you succeed in whatever endeavours you attempt.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, sorry for the very late reply! I hope I’m not too late to answer your question. In the next days, I’ll elaborate more in the “Notes and Other” part of the post, also because this translation will be part of my graduation thesis.


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