DIV – Butterfly Dreamer Translation




The unending rain falls down in stripes and I, standing still, am its prisoner,

the wind which blows against me is the border, I’m caught in this entangled net.



Rain drops, someone’s tears are playing parade.


This trampled music sheet won’t be heard by the people who only care about being first,

while avoiding the puddles, they scramble for a [safe] foothold, but they are already too many*

no matter how many they kick down…


The unending rain falls down in stripes and I, standing still, am its prisoner,

the wind which blows against me is the border, I’m caught in this entangled net.



The scenery they gazed at on their tiptoes now looks like a mirage,

like a picture slowly falling down.


Secluded in a virtual world that they built over a grid,

who will be next target? It’s like an audition for who will be the next one to mock.



Fluttering, the proof of what we call “real” dims and fades away

until it will rot completely

it will be the dream of a butterfly.


An absurdly tall castle towers over everything, and only dreaming butterflies** are the ones looking up at the sky,

now, my song, open your wings made of dreams, and be heard to all of you!



Notes and Other

Words in Italic are in English in the original lyrics.

*= the term here is definitely business related, which kinda sounds out of place in the song, but it might also suggest that the song is jabbing to the mindset of big companies, which foster this absurd sense of competition and picture people as number of sellings instead of human beings.

**=the word literally translate to “dreaming bird”, but it is actually the way in which the butterfly of Zhuangzi’s riddle was translated. Basically, Zhuangzi, a legendary Taoist master, dreamt that he was a butterfly, then woke up and realized that he wasn’t sure if he was Zhuangzi dreaming to be a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming to be Zhuangzi. The whole point of the riddle is to point out how even the reality we see with our eyes might actually be a dream or even false and should make the readers question the true essence of existence.

I love how I was kinda on track with the references of the song, but how somehow I completely failed to identify the core message of the song.

The whole point of the song is to accuse people of having lost touch with reality: when people become numbers, when every information can be turned into data, is this world made by codes and number as real as the people from whom they extracted such infos? Perhaps, in our rush to optimize everything, striving to arrive earlier than anyone else, we forget that we are creating a system in which, eventually the weaker and us will crumble down. In that moment, what will be real? The system that feeds off people’s competition, or the sufferings of those who have been excluded by it?

Playing on such contraddiction, DIV picture the image of a dreamer, painted like Zhuangzi’s butterfly, showing how there can be a way out from such sand-castle-society that obstructs everyone’s sight.


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