Many posts later: old lyrics, new experiences, podcasting

Hi guys, it’s me!

I’m alive (?) and back. Not really. But I felt like I neglected this blog a bit too much and wanted to kinda put some words from me on the top page of the blog instead of some of my old works.

Speaking of old works, how did you like my reboots of some of my old translations? I personally found it a great experience that made me realize how pretentious I was, but also how much my Japanese skills have increased in the last years. So yeah, I kinda re-touched most of my translations up until July 2017, so you might want to give them a look, in case some doubts I had at the time have been cleared up.

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post from now on. The reason is simple: I got my first full time job!!! Since it’s 40 hours per week, I can see myself kinda getting overly tired and unable to post anything, but I promise that I’ll give it a shot just for you! Also thank you for following the blog for this many years: I didn’t even realize, but WordPress just told me a couple days ago that this is the blog’s 5th anniversary. Like, how????

Finally, I have to do a shameless plug of my stuff here to. I’ve started podcasting. It’s a podcast in Japanese about two foreigner talking about Japanese culture and haiku in a comic and chill out vibe. The name is “ピアディーナ計画ラジオ” (Piadina Keikaku Radio), it’s on Spotify for free and we even uploaded our episodes with subtitles in Japanese, English and Italian on Youtube. Why not give it a listen? Honestly, I’ve a lot fun recording and editing it, so I’d love to see people sharing my same enthusiasm.

That’s it for now! Wish me luck for my new job and stay safe!

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