Acid Black Cherry – ピストル (Pistol) Translation




Come on, don’t make me bored, don’t let the honey of love spill down

that pistol you go so proud of, stick it right here.

Just like passing a thread through a needle, just like crashing a fruit with your bare hand,

going forecefully* towards Heaven, come on, the countdown has already started

Touch me in that place where I’m wet, talk to me in a more sadistic way than that asshole

make me lose my composure more, don’t avert your eyes

Whisper in my ears, choke me, tease me, make me feel good to the point my eyes turn blank

I’m tired of waiting for the Show time, a russian roulette with a single bullet, aim at me, I put the pistol in my mouth

and kiss it until it melts!

Let’s Get out Dance!

Crazy! I have nothing!

Baby! Don’t stop!

Fill me with your heat, let that russian ecstasy** flow in me!

Crash me! I’m coming! My soul!

Break out! Pierce me and tear me apart!

It’s a pleasure-like hurt, even if I pretend to look strong, leave me senseless, Bang!

You don’t like a lewd pet like me***? Even that asshole had to recognize my ability.

See, sex is a talent, even ABC sing that****.

Try moaning one more time, that’s the position that that asshole liked,

3 cm per second, nobody can lie after that.

I let my tongue out, let out your love, that overflowing jelly, a sparkling jewel,

we entangle and kiss!

Let’s Get Out Dance!

Crazy! I have nothing!

Baby! Don’t stop!

The paradise is right over there, don’t leave me behind!

Crash me! I’m coming! My soul!

Break out! Pierce me and tear me apart!

In such a reckless reality, shoot out the past***** too Bang!

Crack! Pain! Shoot me! Wake up!

I heard so many times the same loving words in mainstream songs, I’m sick of it.

Don’t try to show off, your trigger cannot hold it anymore, when I touch your erected revolver…

it shoots out, kiss!

Let’s Get out Dance!

Crazy! I have nothing!

Baby! Don’t stop!

Fill me with your heat, let that russian ecstasy** flow in me!

Crash me! I’m coming! My soul!

Break out! Pull the trigger!

With that bullet called Ascension, leave this weak me senseless Bang!

Crack! Pain! Shoot me! Wake up!

Notes and Other

Words in Italic are in English in the original lyrics.

*=this word is pretty much impossible to translate properly since it express an indefinite feeling rather than a precise thing. The idea is two things grinding together forecefully, almost if you were to put together two thing that don’t really match.

**= it’s a pun on russian roulette, in line with the imagery of the song, meaning that the pistol is a way to get to ecstasy.

***= this sentences is written in an overly servile wording, making it even more lewd.

****= yes, they just quoted themselves in their own song: ABC are the initials of Acid Black Cherry and everyone calls them that way.

*****= written as “past”, read “that asshole”.

Acid Black Cherry are definitely on another level with their lyrics: while the sex theme is definetely not new to the Visual-Kei scene (in some years it was even overused in my opinion), I feel like nobody manages to be so consistently graphic in their lyrics as Acid Black Cherry. Even though they rose to mainstream fame in Japan thanks to way more PC songs, ABC have a whole array of lewd-ish song with lyrics written from the perspective of a woman, something that is actually a really taboo-ish topic in Japan, and that attracted a wide public from the underground scene and outside of it.

To put it bluntly, if you still haven’t realized it, this song is about sex, in particular, about a woman begging for rough sex in order to forget the previous partner (called “asshole” throughout the song). Again, ultra-classic topic, but sang from the perspective of a woman who keeps instructing his partner, in love with her own lust and very distant from the expected image of women in Japan (to give you a general idea, a horribly common saying recites “good wife, wise mother”).

Before someone tries to cram sexism in the discussion, I need to point out that I find it difficult to believe that these lyrics enforce the image of a submissive woman: idols and pop music in general really push the image of “immaculate” women loving unconditionally sweet men, which limits the range the expression of women. On the other hand, ABC often put women in shambles as main characters of their narration, dealing with rough love stories and showing an alternative image of women. To further prove my point, while idols are unfamous for having tons of middle-aged men fantasizing about them as fans, ABC fans are mainly women (at least at live concerts): if women didn’t enjoy or empatize with such content, they wouldn’t engage with it.

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