Mucc – 流星 (Ryuusei) Translation



Title: Falling Stars

A small flower inhabiting a railroad, at its side the rail track are lined up,

walking barefeet on the grass field, when I suddenly looked up there was a starry sky with no moon,

a panorama of raining falling stars, a dazzling of who knows how many light-years away,

and among that clear deep blue sky, the sparkling Greek Gods.

My stained toes*, while pulling you

who were looking at the sky, I go on walking, with my dirty hands.

I will not forget the true colours** of the panorama you loved.

But now even the stardust is too dazzling

and the two lovers are holding back their tears while trembling

and their entangled hands are so warm and yet full of sorrow.

Please don’t forget the beauty of the future you dreamt of,

that group of falling stars, fading stars and your smile.

Please, blame me for obstructing that sky of yours.

What do you think of the sky you see now when watching up?

The two lovers are holding back their tears while trembling

and their entangled hands are so small***, so frail…

Your flowing tears turn into stars****,

now fill up the sky with them and turn them into falling stars****

Clear sky, dazzling stars, wet with night dew, under the railroad tracks,

lives a fleeting existence between the rotting railroad, a white flower with four petals.

May those entangled hands never part

May you never let go of our entangled fingers

Over our heads pouring falling stars,

just like an early summer shower, or the light rain of early winter,

I walk barefeet on this Earth that loves a bit too much untainted things, those railroad as my only lead,

our entangled hands are warm,

and my hand is still dirty.

I walk among the panorama of pouring falling stars with my stained* toes

May you never let go of our entangled hands

May our entangled hearts never be torn apart

Notes and Others

*=this verb is ambigous in its meaning: it generally indicates something bloated/stained, but also hints that from that particular a certain feeling/characteristic can be seen, almost like being able to tell the feeling an artist through the strokes of paint of a piece.

**=again, very general word. Could mean “colour”, “true nature”, “emotion” and anything related to something personal or characteristic of a person.

***=it means “thin”, but it’s weird finding it here with that meaning, so it might be a way to hint at its more figurate meaning of “worrying”.

****=in Japanese “falling stars” are written as “flowing stars”, making the relationship between the tears and the stars much clear for the Japanese audience.

Mucc is probably one of the band that I struggle the most to appreciate. Not because I think they are overrated or plain (honestly, Tatsuro’s voice is something so rare in the whole Japanese scene that should belong to a museum), but because as soon as I think “ah, but yes of course, that is what they want to say!” they come out with a sentence that completely destroys all of my theories and makes me think they lined up words that have a good sound. I’m sure that’s not the case, but this problem convinced me that, to me, Mucc are to appreciated from a certain distance.

Ryuusei to me embodies this struggle. This song has been on my playlist for at least 7-8 years, when I try to sing it, it sounds so profound, but every time I approach to the lyrics and try to translate them, it feels like I’m completely missing the point and shredding any form of poesy of the words. But goddamn I love this song.

What’s the interpretation? Honestly, I’ve no real clue. It’s a story about a couple walking barefeet under a starry sky. It’s about feeling like a frail flower, trapped between a railroad (maybe the railroads of life), watching the stars and dreaming about them. It’s about a sad love story, like those of the constellation which take the name from characters of Greek Mithology and have always a tragic ending, like two lovers unable to be together or something. It’s a just song with a beautiful imagery. Maybe all of this, maybe only some part of it: fuck you Mucc, I really don’t understand how to love you.

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