Mejibray – ネペンテス (Nepenthes) Translation



Fall… fall, fall

The sins of my past strongly cladded to me

and the scissors pick me up

Countless stuffed toys,

without changing their expression

nor laughing, were watching me

I’ll liquify with your saliva

a mark on the tip of your tongue

like a pink information left there “to be awaited”

the corner of your mouth moved

If I was left in a world

where pain and hurt didn’t exist,

I’d probably pull your hand and say

“If you are thirsty, cut my throat and I’ll be your water”

If in this garden where flowers bloom

the roses won’t mock me,

I’d like to be tamed.

If I can decorate

the table where you are waiting,

then melt*,

persuade me*,


Ah… my dear**,

were you still crying?

Ah… my dear**,

where are our roots?

Whether it’s good or bad, if it’s my destiny to suggest that

denying grief and sorrow

is probably the mistake of this world,

then I think I’d recklessly pull your hand.

And if we are destined to a reality

where even existing is denied,

I’d link my light

to dissolving your body.

If in this garden where flowers bloom

the roses won’t mock me,

I’d like to be tamed.

If I can decorate

the table where you are waiting,

then melt*,

persuade me*,





Notes and Others

*=these words are all read the same way, however they are all written in different ways, sometimes with different meaning. Also, in the final part of the song, the way of writing them become more and more elementary in each line, symbolizing in same way that the writing itself is dissolving in a simpler form.

**= even if it’s an endearing term used for one’s beloved/dear person, it is written in katakana, which kinda turns it into something alienating, weird, bad in a certain way. Not sure why tho. My guess is that it might be a recurring thing in Mejibray lyrics, but don’t quote me on that.

First things first, although I was obsessed with Mejibray artsy-gloominess, I cannot even come close to consider myself an expert in decoding their messages or symbols, but there someone who can and pretty much already did: Kii (HERESIARCHY). His blog is a must see and truly one of the few that I consider a truly valuable resources due to his amazing work on a huge number of lyrics.

That said, I’m a sucker for symbols and I’ve become much more competent in interpreting them (especially in Japanese culture), however I lack a general knowledge of the “the Mejibray/Tsuzuku writing style”. Yes, in the english translation it may seems like everything is its place, but Mejibray’s lyrics are pretty intricate and to me it always feels like they are hiding something from me. Who’s singing? Who feels like that? From what perspective is the song singed? While for many artist the answer is “the singer” or “the main character of the story”, with Mejibray I never feel confident in any of those answer. In one line it might be a certain “self”, but then in the next line it might be the “you” speaking about the “self” or even something else. The same thing goes for the choice of words, which in Visual-Kei is already pretty unusual, but somehow Mejibray managed to set up even more obscure metaphores through their discography.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this, but what I am trying to say is that I can’t give you a full-on interpretation like I do for other bands. Here we go.

In his interpretation, Kii says that the Nepenthes is a drug which, according to Greek mithology, could cure any kind of pain or sorrow, but actually I think Mejibray are referring to a kind of plant with the same name. This plant is similar to a deep and thin vase (if you know pokemon, it’s basically Victreebell) and attracts flies by creating a sweet substance inside itself just to catch them and then slowly “digesting” them.

In the song, I think the main characters wants to depict himself as a Nepenthes: while everyone else is a beautiful rose mesmerizing everyone with their beautiful appearance, he feels like an ugly existence, just waiting for a fly to fall (see the first line of the song) in his trap.

There’s much more, but I think that’s more tied to the general “topoi” of Mejibray’s lyrics, so I don’t feel comfortable digging in too much in it.

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