So I’ve been requested a consistent number of translations since I opened this blog so I guess it’s about time I set some rules for that.

1) Remember that I will reserve for myself the right to accept or turn down a request as well as settling the time to fulfill such request: it may be a busy time at the time when you are asking.

2) To request a song, an album you can comment on this post. It would be really nice if you also add a link to the requested lyrics (kanji!) and (if possible) the music video. Don’t send me on a goose-hunt to find some bad-transcribed romaji, please!

3) Since requests are free, showing appreciation should be at least the same. Translating properly takes time, knowledge and energy so showing some kind of appreciation by just saying “thanks”/”good job” or even donating something would make me really happy.

3.5) If you use my content in your blog/website/ thesis project/anything else, you have to credit me by putting the link to the article used. “Use” doesn’t mean “copy-paste”. For example, you request me a song, I accept, then you copy-paste the translation on your blog and add the version translated in a different language: in this way you are potentially ripping me off of views (and potentially money too) because people can read my translation on your blog and MAYBE click on the link you may have put. In this case you should put the link to the translation of my blog in the place of the copy-pasted translation and then add your translation. Now for a good example, let’s say you are writing a comment/critique/ correction on any of the songs I have translated and you quote part of my work including the link to the translation on my blog: I’ll love it and will probably comment/share. It’s really easy to keep track of these things with WordPress Statistics tool so don’t even try to fool me.

That’s about it. Here I’ll also write the ongoing requests in order to avoid having people asking for the same things.


ポイドル(Poidol) – エウレカ (Eureka)

黒百合と影 (Kuroyori to Kage) – ひとり桜 (Hitorizakura)


53 thoughts on “Requests

    1. Hi! Thank you for your requests. Unfortunately in these days I’ll be extremely busy so I won’t be able to translate any song until mid-september. If you can wait until that time, I’ll gladly translate that for you.


  1. Hey there! Thank you so much for all of your translations!! Seriously ❤ This isn’t a request, but I was just reading your translation of Everlasting by Morrigan, and you mentioned the lyrics are difficult to find. I have scans of all the song lyrics from The Corpse Mansion album (bc I own it, not pirated) and would happily provide them if you want to translate some more Morrigan stuff at any point 🙂 That’s all! Thanks for all of your hard work!!

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    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply!
      I would gladly give a look to them if you are willing to share them with me. Let me know if you are still interested and I’ll give you a contact where you can send me the lyrics!


  2. I finally found lyrics for a few Jack Caper songs, so I can request at least the title song from their new single. I’d like to know what are they saying beyond those random mvs they have 🙂

    here the links of mv and kanji (sadly a part which band members talk in the middle of the song is not available)


  3. Hello!
    If you’re still accepting requests, could you please take mine? I have a Japanese music community in Amino app and I want to write a review of Xaa-Xaa’s last released single Mazarenai. I need the translations of Karakara and Ki Oku.
    We could even spread your blog there, so more people would access to get translations.
    Would you please help me?

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    1. Hey, just managed to squeeze your two requested song between my posting schedule: you’ll find both of them up before the end of the week. Hope they’ll be useful for your review!


      1. Thank you! The translations will help me so much. You’re great! As I said before, I’m writing a review for Mazarenai. I’m planning to put your name and the link to your blog on it. How can I call you?


      2. No problem! Glad my translation will help! Rather than my name, I think the blog’s name (Zuihitsu) is more easy to search, but if you want to use my username as well you can use “VKPoetry”.


    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Sure, I’ll be really eager to listen to your suggestions! Right now I’m really busy as you can see from my posting schedule on the blog (yeah, nothing since november) so it’s difficult for me to find an opening to online chatting. If you want, you can send me an e-mail here:
      I’ll read your message and reply as soon as possible!


  4. Hello! it’s been awhile! last time I requested Zekkyou Irony (I’m still so glad with your translation, tbh 🙂 ) and now I come back to request a song by them called “goyou da!!
    I’m curious because it seems such a happy song and in lyrics appears “ドM” and “ドS” which it was one of the few things I could understand (the other was sayonara xD)

    in the following post lyrics, romaji and audio are available (there isn’t MV)

    greetings and thanks for reading 🙂


  5. Hello, it’s me again. Since your incredible translation of ‘Nakigara Yo’, I’ve been considering asking you to translate another gorgeous song from Gossip, but I saw that you were busy at that moment and I ended up leaving aside. I do not know if you’re accepting requests, but if you can (and when you can), could you translate this song?
    My sincere thanks from now on and once again congratulations for the great work you do.

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  6. omg are you are still accepting requests? I’d like to request Hajimari hajimari by Warumono but the only lyrics available was on its MV which was erased. I found a reuploaded mv
    I hope it helps


  7. Hello how are you? I found your blog recently and I must say it is a paradise of great translations! I greatly appreciate all your work and dedication. Taking advantage of the occasion, there is a song that I really enjoy and it turned out to be special to me, even though I don’t know what it is about. If possible I would like to ask you to translate. This is the link ( Thank you very much.

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I wouldn’t go that far and call it a paradise given the fact that every time I look back at my translation they are just riddled with typos, but seeing comment like yours really give some sense to all the work I put into it.

      I never heard the song, but I should be able to work on it in a couple of days!


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      1. Done! It took me a while to find the song because the title written by the person who uploaded the video is wrong. It’s a nice song, I got into the lyrics more than I had expected. Anyway, the song you requested will be up tomorrow! Enjoy!


    1. Hey, I gave a look to the lyrics and they don’t seem too difficult. Unfortunately, from today lessons at Uni started so for the next 2 weeks I’ll be super busy.
      I’ll start by translating 3 songs for you and I’ll keep the others as back up for when I don’t have many songs to translate. If you want me to translate some songs in particular, you can tell me within these 2 weeks in this comment.


    1. Hey, you are in luck! I was just updating a couple of things on the blog when I saw the notification of your comment: I’ll put your request between the incoming tranche of translation (it should take around 1 week). Thank you for the compliments!


    1. Hey, don’t worry: pop songs like this are way easier to translate than the ones I’m used to work on (mainly Visual-Kei), so it’s no problem at all. At the moment I’m a bit busy, so I can’t start to work on it rightaway, but as soon as I find an opening in my schedule, I’ll go for it.


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