3 months after: I’m back, backtrack and decisions…

It’s been 3 months since my last post but to me feels like an eternity.

For you who follow this blog, it’s known that I’ve been in Japan for study purposes and I’ve had the chance to make many wonderful experience and understand something new about Japan, Japanese language and even a bit about myself. It’s impossible to sum up the whole experience in a few words, so I’ll just shut up and go straight to the point.

During my absence many wonderful albums came out and I can’t wait to test my newly acquired Japanese language skills. I think I’ll be posting one translation everyday until I’ll run out of lyrics I want to translate. What you can expect 100% are the tracks from the latest albums of Dadaroma, Polkadot Stingray, vivid undress, Reign, Daoko and many more. Yeah, I know it’s a lot but right now seems possible.

It’s going to be a period of many difficult decision but, nonetheless, I want to keep this blog active, so forgive me if my mental confusion mixes up my thoughts in the translations. On top of this, recently I didn’t have the chance to speak English regularly so my language skills may be a bit rusty. I’ll try my best anyway.



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